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            My name is William Smith but my friends and colleagues call me Bill.  I have been working in the HVAC and plumbing industry for many years now.  I started out working in a local supply house stocking shelves, helping customers, and doing deliveries.  As I came to know more about the parts and their uses, I felt that I needed a change of pace.  This is when I decided to start working with a plumbing contractor.



            I learned a lot more than I ever would have just staying at the supply house.  I found that I had knack for plumbing and other related fields (irrigation, cooling/heating).  I decided to start my own company and the rest is history.



            Plumbing is more complex than most people think.  You have to use specific parts in certain applications.  There are many different types of pipe, solvents, faucets, and even toilets!  Each of which require different types of connections and other parts.  As with other fields of work, there are many repairs that need to be done with plumbing appliances and parts.  It can be confusing, unless you have some sort of guide to help you along the way.



            As I have done work in the past and continue to work, I increase my knowledge and learn tricks of the trade (the good kinds of tricks that save time and money).  As plumbing is complex and involves a wide variety of applications, I try to write about things that will help anyone who wants to know how to plumb-from those who are just starting out, to others who have been in the industry for years, or if there is someone who just wants to do their own plumbing and repairs.




            I hope you find this page to be beneficial and to help you as you encounter problems or just want to do something new!